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Steve Corbett (Gimpy) Light Heavy Box Performance Mat by Gimpy's Magic - Trick
  • Light Heavy Box Performance Mat by Gimpy's Magic - Trick
  • Skill Level :No Skill Required
  • Manufacturer :Steve Corbett (Gimpy)
  • Item Format :Trick
  • Toy
  • Steve Corbett (Gimpy)

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GOWE Light-heavy Box Remote Control,Magic Tricks,Stage,Gimmick,Props,Comdy,Illusions,Accessories,Mentalism
  • Robert Houdins Light-Heavy Box, first performed in the 1800s, can now be a feature in your act!Show a 38" round hypnotic disk attached to a stand. Have a spectator stare at the disk as you spin it. Now, remove the disk from the stand and place it on the floor.Explain to the spectator that he is now hypnotized and that as long as he stands on the disk, he is under your power. Place a small wooden box on the disk and ask the spectator to pick it up. He tries,
  • but cant do it, because he is hypnotized.Ask a small child or woman to come up on stage and pick up the wooden box. They do it with ease!Once again, ask the hypnotized spectator to try and pick up the box. Of course, he cant!The box is under your control at all times.This illusion has not been seen for over 130 years!
  • TomYurasits has taken the Robert-Houdin Light-Heavy Box into the 21st Century. Comes with everything you need to perform the illusion: Light-Heavy Box, Stand and Hypnotic Disk. Can be done anywhere: surrounded, indoors or outdoors, on stage or in a grassy field! Beautifully made. A great addition to any show!

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